Billie Jo Konze

I am a Twin Cities-based actress, born and raised in Wisconsin.

I do improv on occasion, enjoy belting out Lady Gaga and Freddie Mercury at karaoke, and have made a specialty out of playing bitchy southern women. Those characters and I go together like hot butter and biscuits. 

Like most actors, I've worked a lot of strange jobs. I used to be a carhop at a 50's diner (roller-skates, poodle skirt and all). I was a princess at the Mall of America. Sometimes, I do singing telegrams. For years, I was a Standardized Patient at the University of Minnesota medical school, pretending to have various ailments for the purposes of training the doctors of the future. I've done marketing for non-profits, and worked at a large ad agency. All of these jobs have given me skills and experience that frequently come in handy for my acting career. 

A few more of my favorite things: animals, rainbows, pink trees, thunderstorms, baking themed cakes, cheese, beer, the way German sounds angry no matter what is being said, the strange things my brain makes up while I'm sleeping, binge-watching Netflix, drive-in theaters (or anything kitschy), weird coincidences and spooky stories, writing, and reading everything I can get my hands on. 

I am currently writing a short horror screenplay that I hope to produce this year.