I Get to Say Spiderman on National Television

Ever wonder who does those really fast voiceover tags at the end of commercials? Well, I have a national spot airing for General Mills cereals, and I get to mention Spiderman...but no one will ever know it's me!  (Except that I just told you it's

Not sure how long this link will last, but if you want to see my spot for GM/Spiderman Homecoming, check it out here! 


A Commercial with Meaning

In January, I filmed a tv spot for Gundersen Health Systems. In the spot, I portray a patient nervously awaiting a biopsy. It was a great gig to get. I worked with a director from California. I got to go home and visit my family. I got paid well enough to splurge on my first trip to anywhere off the continent. But mostly, I was proud of this one because it was something I believe in. My mom's sister was a nurse at Gundersen Lutheran. She passed away two years ago after fighting cancer for two years. My dad's parents both went through cancer treatment at Gundersen. My sister works there as a CNA tech while getting her nursing prerequisites. I feel honored to have gotten to work on this spot, and happy that my family, most of whom live in the area, and especially my grandmothers, get to see it on tv.



Home again, home again

Last week, I shot a tv spot for Gundersen Health in my hometown (La Crosse, WI).  I was super surprised to show up on set and find Tom Kristjanson, Nathan Armstrong, and MUA Mary Flaa all there, as well as my friend Brian Kelly (there to do a different spot), and the lovely Jen Maren co-starring with me in the spot I was doing. It's always nice to see friendly faces on set! 

The shoot went very smoothly (I mean, come on, I spent the whole thing sitting/laying on a hospital bed and wearing yoga pants and a robe), and director Michele Atkins also DPed the spot (way to be a badass!). Carrying that huge camera around all day has got to be exhausting, but she made it look pretty easy. 

I got to take my sister to dinner the night before the shoot, have drinks with her and my friends afterwards at the hotel bar.  

My entree at Pogreba's...scallops the size of my fist! 

My entree at Pogreba's...scallops the size of my fist! 

And the next day, I got to visit my family, including a trip to the casino with Grama and my cousin CJ and aunt Debbie. 

Me, gram, and aunt Debbie

Me, gram, and aunt Debbie

My only complaint about the whole thing was this: 

Stupid hotel. 

Stupid hotel. 

I'm super excited for this one, since it will air where my family will actually see it. Keep your eye on Western Wisconsin television stations, and I'm sure you'll be seeing me soon!



Medica "1975"

This past week, a commercial I shot for Medica started airing in a few markets, including locally. The spot is called "1975" and in it I am wearing a dress I bought at Goodwill when I was about fifteen. Gotta love the vintage clothes!

Medica still.jpg

If you'd like to see the spot, it's available to watch on the Medica Nebraska website.  I am also featured in a few still shots on the site as well, so go check it out!