Evil Twin at the Minnesota Fringe

It has been a wonderful week and a half at the Minnesota Fringe Festival! We sold out our Friday night show this weekend, and today we almost sold out our final show as well! 

Last Sunday, we were featured on the front page of the Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper. 

Look Ma! We're on the cover! 

Look Ma! We're on the cover! 

Although I don't usually read reviews while I am performing in a show, being the producer, marketing person, actor, etc. makes things a little bit different, and I bent my rules and read the two major reviews that we got, One in City Pages and one in the Star Tribune. We were so happy to be featured in two of the top news outlets in the Twin Cities!


Our hope is that this show (and the Twins and Fluffy) will have a future beyond the Minnesota Fringe Festival. Perhaps in another festival somewhere exotic and exciting! Or perhaps a whole other adventure for them to go on! In any case, if you'd like to keep up on those things, please like Evil Twin on Facebook, and we will let you know when those things happen!

Fringe Previews #1

The first of three official MN Fringe Festival previews took place last Monday, and we got added to the lineup just a few days before the show. It was a great evening, with about 30 different shows presenting previews, and we were honored to be chosen by MinnPost's reviewer Pamela Espeland as one of six favorites! Check it out!

The twins, ready to take Fringe by storm! 

The twins, ready to take Fringe by storm! 

Quiet Time

Crazyface closed a few weeks ago now.  Fringe was here and gone in a whirlwind of parking fees, drinking and 36 performances that I sat in the audience for.  (If you include travel time between venues, Fringe was more than a full-time job for me this year!) And most of the season auditions are now over. 

And now, it's the quiet time.  Time to enjoy the rest of summer, start working on some scenework for The Actor's Workout, finally finish my taxes (no, I still haven't done them...yes, I know...yes, I got an extension...jeez, lay off!), find a dress to wear for Theatre Prom (aka the Ivey Awards), and figure out what I want to do this fall if I don't get cast in a show. 

A lot of my friends have already begun rehearsals for their next projects, my roommate just opened Guys and Dolls at Bloomington Civic Theatre, and I am left answering the question "What do you have coming up next?" with the always tepid "You know, I'm not sure yet." 

That's not entirely true, actually.  I am scheduled to play Sarah in A Drinking Game - Minnesota's November 1st drinking game presentation of Labyrinth at Bryant Lake Bowl.  I get to play Sarah.  And drink.  At the same time!

I was also just asked to do a piece for Chameleon Theatre Circle's 15th Annual New Play Festival and Season Preview coming up September 13th.  I will be performing a monologue from Betty's Summer Vacation by Christopher Durang. 

And my friends at Shadow Horse Theatre are planning to start an ongoing Commedia Dell'Arte troupe that will perform regularly...I just don't know exactly when we'll be rehearsing yet.

So, I guess I should stop telling people I'm not doing anything.  I'm sure my time will get filled with things soon enough.  It always does.