Actors Workout

Back to Class!

The Actors Workout is still on hiatus while Raye is off galavanting in London doing Nice Fish (which only runs through Feb 11, so if you are in London, get tickets now!!), so meanwhile, I've decided it's time to face my fears of watching myself on camera and take another class. 

I started Michele Hutchison's on-camera class last Sunday, and I'm super excited that it's going to inspire me to create more of my own work and start writing for myself more. Can't wait to see what the next few weeks bring! 

Now, excuse me while I go work on my lines for the scene I've got to prepare for next week...and the scene I'm prepping for Raye's first day back...

My PR Guy Should Be Fired

Hi there!  Yes, it's been months since I've written. Don't take that to mean that I've not been busy...far from it. I'm just a lot better at posting on my personal social media pages ten plus times a day than sitting down to even write a simple little post about my most recent audition, or class work, or the shows I've been doing.

I've been doing a commedia dell'arte show monthly with Shadow Horse Theatre, playing all sorts of fun commedia characters. We do the shows in half-mask, and they are partially-improvised comedies. Sometimes sketch-based, sometimes a full-length storyline. They've been really fun to perform with, but I'll be on hiatus from that for a while because of my upcoming show for the Twin Cities Horror Festival!

More details on that soon. In the meantime, Fringe just ended, and while I had to opt out of doing a show this year, I did end up attending and seeing 25 mostly really good shows. I love my yearly theater binge SO MUCH. And this time I came out truly inspired to create my own production, with two totally different ideas for shows, and I have a meeting with a friend to start brainstorming for the one this week.

I will also be taking part in The Actors' Workout's first ever industry showcase, performing a scene from Martin McDonagh's The Beauty Queen of Leenane with Colleen Barrett, directed by Adam Glatz.

And finally, I got new headshots taken last month, and I am currently agonizing over which ones to choose. I won't stay indecisive long, because I can't wait to show them off! I'll post them here once I've whittled it down from 225 to 4. Wish me luck!