Feeling just peachy!

Hey y’all! (I’m practicing my “y’all”)


I have RELOCATED, and am so excited to hit the ground running in Atlanta! The roommates and I are setting up our self-taping space and our studios. In the first few days after arriving, I signed up to take a voiceover class and attended a networking event for voice actors. Now I’m working on applications to agencies and getting the apartment furnished. So much to do…and BUY! I can’t even count how many trips I’ve taken to Target and the grocery store so far.

Looking forward to this new adventure…stay tuned!


April Come She Will

I’m sure, if you, like me, live in Minnesota, you’re probably frozen solid about now.  

That’s not ice on the’s scratches from Jack Frost trying to claw his way through the glass... 

That’s not ice on the’s scratches from Jack Frost trying to claw his way through the glass... 

But, because you live in Minnesota, you won’t let on. You’ll just go about your business, driving on the ice-skating rink that is 35W...going out in negative windchills without a hat or gloves...popping Vitamin D tablets like they’re TicTacs...RUNNING. OUTSIDE. FOR FUN. 

Okay, I don’t do that last one. I’m not crazy. Otherwise, I just named everything I did today. 

Minnesota is so flat, we have to build our own mountains out of the massive amounts of snow that fall from our cold, gray skies

Minnesota is so flat, we have to build our own mountains out of the massive amounts of snow that fall from our cold, gray skies

But Spring is coming! The sales displays at Target and Michaels say so!! With pastel eggs and bunnies, and FLOWERS, and little chicks (whose fluffy cuteness would never survive the 5 inches of fluffy white crap that fell on us yesterday) and bunnies, and all the other things that signify the end of winter’s icy grasp. 

Spring will be here before you know it (shhhh...just let me soothingly reassure myself that I’m not trapped in some ungodly frigid version of Russian Doll, reliving the same snow emergency over and over again), and April brings the premiere of Christopher Mihm’s next feature film, Queen of Snakes, at the Heights Theater in Columbia Heights on April 24th!


The official poster was just released, and the artwork is *AMAZING.*   It looks just about like any film on MST3K. 



I am definitely planning on buying a poster when they are available!

And remember:  you can still watch all of Christopher Mihm‘s films for free on Amazon Prime, including the other one that I’m in, The Giant Spider. 

I mean, what else are you gonna do until you can safely leave your house again?

Is This Heaven

No, it’s Iowa!



Your intrepid actor-adventurer here, reporting in from the Quad Cities (that’s Iowa, for you not from…Iowa), where I am here on assignment. Tomorrow brings an on-camera shoot for a hospital, and I have done my due diligence in looking into the local scene.

This must be the place…

This must be the place…

After getting into town early, I checked out the art museum, the sculpture garden, the Iowa state capital building, and Raygun (a well-known local store known for their irreverent t-shirts and other gift-y things), all within two hours. It helps that nothing is very far from anything else!

The capital building is made of gold…shhhh!

The capital building is made of gold…shhhh!

I wouldn’t mess with her…

I wouldn’t mess with her…

A person made of letters

A person made of letters

Sculpture that ran away from the sculpture park

Sculpture that ran away from the sculpture park

Egg-shaped art sculpture

Egg-shaped art sculpture

I also got dinner (or I guess it was more accurately an extremely late lunch), checked into my hotel, had a bath, gave myself a pedicure, and watched an episode of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Highly recommend!), and worked on some cross stitch all in the past few hours. It’s easy to get a lot done when there aren’t any distractions.

Any who…where was I?

Oh, yeah. It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I promise to be better at that next year. And SO MUCH has been going on!

Since my last post: I went to Iceland. I went to Atlanta. I did voiceover work for Hershey, Great Clips, Traditional Medicinals, Yoplait, some random other stuff, and just this past week I did another spot for the Pillsbury 49th Bake-Off!

Somewhere in Iceland! Volcanic rocks and stuff!

Somewhere in Iceland! Volcanic rocks and stuff!

Whale shark at the aquarium in Atlanta

Whale shark at the aquarium in Atlanta

I also finished my work on the fictional podcast I’ve been working on for almost two years, Au: Earth Under Gold which should be released sometime next year.

Is he still there?

Is he still there?

I shot a short film with my friends at Urban Mountain Media for the 100 Hour Film Race (spoiler alert: we got disqualified because of computer issues keeping the team from meeting the deadline, but the film will still get finished eventually).

The new year approaches! What will it hold? Who knows! But I hope it’s at least as awesome as this year has been!


Accurate pictorial representation of how I feel after this fall

April is the Cruelest Month...

April has been pretty quiet. And brutal, here in Minneapolis. I wanted to dig up some stats, so you all could see how bad it's been, but suffice it to say, we had 17.5 inches of snow on my yard two weeks ago...starting Friday, I stayed in my house and didn't leave, because we were experiencing true blizzard conditions, which is more rare than I thought, and record snowfall. I ordered Chinese food, and holed up for a weekend of productivity and binge-watching whatever my roommates put on the TV. 

Therefore, I have not had anything to report. I have been laying low, auditioning occasionally, switching support jobs, cleaning out the house...really NOT MUCH HAS BEEN HAPPENING. When there are two feet of snow built up on the yard/street/everything, you see how industrious you and everyone around you feel. 

Today, it's in the 60s, the sun is out, and everything is starting to get better. Spring is definitely here. Finally. The allergies that I never had before in my life agree. 

Today I went in to do ADR for a project with Good Astronaut that I shot back in December. Hoping to see that finished soon! And next week, I'll be returning to the Mihmiverse with my first shoot date with Christopher Mihm on one of two films that he's shooting this spring, Queen of Snakes. That also got pushed forward because of the snow. 

I finally think winter is over. Fingers crossed, guys. Cuz it's almost May, and no one needs snow in May.

Silver Medal Film!

Last night at the awards program for the 100 Hour Film Race, our film "Sign Here, Please" took home second place! (If we were Olympic skiers, we'd all be sporting silver medals)

Great work, everyone! It was so much fun working on this film with Urban Mountain Media. If you want to see the other fun stuff they do, check out their Instagram (@urban_mountain) or Facebook page.

And now that the judging is finally over, I can share the film! Watch and enjoy!

All these things that I've done


Once again, I got so busy with all the exciting things I've been doing that I forgot to update…. What’s been happening? Here’s the quick rundown of everything since January 1st: 





In January, I did a VO for Traditional Medicinals…as soon as it’s released, I'll post it. I can't wait to share it, because it's really delightful. 











The same day, I shot a short film called Old Media Studies, written and directed by Stephan Clark. I play a New Media Studies professor with a pretty, ahem, exciting wardrobe. 







A few weeks ago, I voiced a really inspiring piece for Cambia Health. I’m not sure if I’ll get to share this one or not, but it was a great experience. I love reading copy that has that edge of wonder to it. 








Last weekend, I shot a training video with Best Buy, and learned a lot about what it takes to install washers and dryers. 







I’m currently taking an online VO class with the fabulous Tina Zaremba…can’t recommend her enough! Click here to check her out!

And I registered to attend VO Atlanta for the first time!  I’m so excited to attend this conference, meet other VO artists and industry people, fill my head with knowledge until it explodes, and get inspired!!! 






Other fun and exciting things:

1. A client told me my voice was “magical.” How does one even begin to accept that compliment? By stuttering, that’s how. 

2. I can’t prove it, but it actually happened: Ben Folds told me I was a good singer. I’ll accept that compliment as well, but once again, not without stuttering. 

3. I did a self-tape audition with my cat (they asked for him to audition as well, I didn’t just include him of my own accord). 

4. BONUS! I have wanted to see The Killers for years...and they were as AMAZING as I'd hoped

Basilica Block Party...Just a Little Bit Late

I never claimed to be good at this blogging thing. 


My harrowing tale of love, loss, and the parrot that got away

Last month I shot a promo spot for the Basilica Block Party, a really fun little video spoofing Unsolved Mysteries-style tv shows. I worked with a (rather ill-tempered) parrot, and got to wear really unflattering mom jeans. Everyone from Periscope was really fun to work with, and I got to see Brandi Carlile and The Shins, so I guess it was worth it to wear the mom jeans and work with a diva bird. 

Bamboo Toilet Paper and a Trip Up North

Last week was a whirlwind of auditions (four on-camera, four VO, two theater), and rehearsals for Unsung, and the fundraiser for Candid Theater (I am on the board, plus I MC'd the event and performed at it as well), so I'm finally getting around to posting about my shoots. I started my week (last week) coming back from two shoots... One in Minneapolis, and one in Ely, Minnesota.  

On Saturday, I got to channel Joan from Mad Men on a shoot for a Kickstarter for Bim Bam Boo bamboo toilet paper, in a costume complete with Moschino vintage heels. It was a really fun shoot, very Poo-pourri in style. 

Keeping the lipstick intact while staying hydrated. V. important!

Keeping the lipstick intact while staying hydrated. V. important!

Vintage heels that fit me perfectly? It must be a dream!

Vintage heels that fit me perfectly? It must be a dream!

The whole team on the Bim Bam Boo shoot! How cool is this 360 photo courtesy of Kari Jo Skogquist?!??

The whole team on the Bim Bam Boo shoot! How cool is this 360 photo courtesy of Kari Jo Skogquist?!??

After that, I drove up north to Ely, Minnesota to play a nurse on the short film "Nobody's son." I can't post any photos from set, so here are a few pics from the trip up there...I spent about twice as much time driving as I did on set, so it's probably just as well that I show you glorious Northern Minnesota. 

Lake Superior

Lake Superior

Me. Lift Bridge. Cold. Wind. 

Me. Lift Bridge. Cold. Wind. 

Not many options. 

Not many options. 

"The Pardon List"

Last week I shot a short film...just a small role, playing Eva Braun, Hitler's mistress (and wife for 40 hours). Reunited in the afterlife, after Eva has spent 30 years waiting for him in purgatory, Hitler has a moment in front of the parole board...but will he ruin his chance to escape hell?

Originally, the script had called for me to punch Hitler...then it was a slap...and then they finally settled on having me hit him with a riding crop. It's really hard to say what the tone of the finished project will be, honestly, but I'm curious!

Back to Class!

The Actors Workout is still on hiatus while Raye is off galavanting in London doing Nice Fish (which only runs through Feb 11, so if you are in London, get tickets now!!), so meanwhile, I've decided it's time to face my fears of watching myself on camera and take another class. 

I started Michele Hutchison's on-camera class last Sunday, and I'm super excited that it's going to inspire me to create more of my own work and start writing for myself more. Can't wait to see what the next few weeks bring! 

Now, excuse me while I go work on my lines for the scene I've got to prepare for next week...and the scene I'm prepping for Raye's first day back...

And We're Off!

Well, there has been no real time for reflection.  Not really.  What with that family holiday stuff, working solid since I've been back in town.  Who needs to reflect?  Okay, I probably still should, but I haven't had time to figure out numbers and such or finish my record-keeping for last year, so maybe let's just do a little bit right now. 


I do keep track of my auditions. In theory.  In practice, I have no clue.  I'm really really bad at keeping my spreadsheet updated.  Back when I started keeping track and trying to get myself to go to many many auditions just to get over my fear of them, I believe during my first year of having that goal I went to 55 auditions, and I thought that was a lot.  Since then I've gotten a little more selective about my auditions, but I still think that 60 is about average. I might find out differently after I do my tally. I already know that my callback rate has gone WAY up over the past few years, so that's always a positive.


I was in only two actual full length shows (Crazyface by Clive Barker with Shadow Horse Theatre and Hauptmann by John Logan with Candid Theater).  Crazyface took about three months out of my year, though, and the other about two months.  I did one music video and World Commedia Day as well (which was a full two hour show, but improvised, so that should count for something, right?), and I did Chameleon Theatre Circle's season preview day, performing a piece from their upcoming production of Durang's "Betty's Summer Vacation."

Class Scenes:

Ugh, this might be harder.  I know I did a scene from Butterflies are Free, one from Other Desert Cities, and then one from the movie Housesitter.  I think that's it.  There were a few others discussed and then shelved for various reasons.  That's not the best record. Okay, that's a terrible record, actually. I will do better this year!!

With that in mind...

My next blog post is going to be about the roles that I'm working on for class right now and the challenges inherent in each.  I've got three scenes on the books, so there's plenty I need to be doing to prepare for them. Research is one of those things I'm apparently terrible at getting myself interested in doing (though it wasn't always that, I wonder what THAT'S about), so writing about my roles here and the research into each will be a fun exercise. 

Back in the Game!

Well, quiet time is definitely over.

Theatre Prom came and went last week.  Lots of deserving people won Ivey Awards (including Tyler Michaels, with whom I performed in Flanagan's Wake a few years back, and Bonnie and Michael, my old bosses at the Illusion Theater). My roommate Neal Beckman got to perform the closing number "Sit Down (You're Rocking the Boat)" with his Guys and Dolls cast from Bloomington Civic Theatre.  VitaMN has a really great slideshow of some of the highlights here.  And everyone looked especially gorgeous this year, too, if I may say so myself.

Me and my friend Ethan.  He is wearing an awesome suit from the  Norwegian retailer Moods of Norway , and has a martini glass to match.  (Note the tractor pin just under the pocket square.) 

Me and my friend Ethan.  He is wearing an awesome suit from the Norwegian retailer Moods of Norway, and has a martini glass to match.  (Note the tractor pin just under the pocket square.) 

Click here to see our awesome red carpet photo!


I've had one rehearsal for Commedia.  I recently got cast and have now started rehearsals for Hauptmann with Candid Theater, which opens on Halloween. The show is about the Lindbergh baby kidnapping case, and I am playing the wife of the man who went on trial for the crime which he (most likely) did not commit.  Working with Candid for the first time, and aside from Matt Saxe, who I worked with on Crazyface this summer, all of the actors are new to me as well! (Note: Playwright Seraphina Nova just won an Ivey Award for her script for her original play "Dogwood," which was produced by Candid Theater earlier this year, so it's exciting to start working with them a week after that win...good energy to take going into rehearsals for a very serious show.)

Tickets are already available!  Click on the picture to go to the ticketing site.  :)

Aaaaaand....the article I wrote for Paid Actor came out.  Get your copy here and you can find out why I think that the only real competition an actor faces is him or herself. 

If you look just down and to the right of the beautiful man, you will see my article, titled "Know Your Competition? No Such Thing." Then you can go back to staring at Sasha. I won't judge.

If you look just down and to the right of the beautiful man, you will see my article, titled "Know Your Competition? No Such Thing." Then you can go back to staring at Sasha. I won't judge.

And a big change is coming soon as well...I'll give you a hint:

French screen goddess Marian Cotillard, aka my new hair inspiration. 

French screen goddess Marian Cotillard, aka my new hair inspiration. 

Well, I'm off to Wisconsin in the morning to visit the family.  Until next time!

The Giant Spider Playing This Week at the Riverview Theater!

Did you miss The Giant Spider at one of its other screenings?  There's a fun event this week at the Riverview Theater in Minneapolis, and you can catch the film there! 

Check it out below!

We will be holding the first official Uncle John's Burger Dog launch party at 7:00 PM on Thursday, March 13th at the Riverview Theater in Minneapolis, MN!

This event is open to the public and all attendees will be treated to Uncle John's Burger Dogs served by the "Burger Dog girls" and a free screening of the award-winning Mihmiverse film which served as the inspiration for the Uncle John's Burger Dog, "The Giant Spider!" We will also be selling frozen packages of Uncle John's Burger Dogs at the event!

Advance tickets are now available! Tickets are $7 each and include admission to the event and one (1) food ticket to receive a single Uncle John's Burger Dog (bun and condiments included)!

AND, as a special deal only available through the Uncle John's Burger Dog website, for an additional $3, you can pre-order an extra food ticket which can be redeemed for a second Uncle John's Burger Dog at the event!

For more information or to puchase advance tickets, visit!