Riverview Theater

The Giant Spider Playing This Week at the Riverview Theater!

Did you miss The Giant Spider at one of its other screenings?  There's a fun event this week at the Riverview Theater in Minneapolis, and you can catch the film there! 

Check it out below!

We will be holding the first official Uncle John's Burger Dog launch party at 7:00 PM on Thursday, March 13th at the Riverview Theater in Minneapolis, MN!

This event is open to the public and all attendees will be treated to Uncle John's Burger Dogs served by the "Burger Dog girls" and a free screening of the award-winning Mihmiverse film which served as the inspiration for the Uncle John's Burger Dog, "The Giant Spider!" We will also be selling frozen packages of Uncle John's Burger Dogs at the event!

Advance tickets are now available! Tickets are $7 each and include admission to the event and one (1) food ticket to receive a single Uncle John's Burger Dog (bun and condiments included)!

AND, as a special deal only available through the Uncle John's Burger Dog website, for an additional $3, you can pre-order an extra food ticket which can be redeemed for a second Uncle John's Burger Dog at the event!

For more information or to puchase advance tickets, visit unclejohnsburgerdog.com!