Feeling just peachy!

Hey y’all! (I’m practicing my “y’all”)


I have RELOCATED, and am so excited to hit the ground running in Atlanta! The roommates and I are setting up our self-taping space and our studios. In the first few days after arriving, I signed up to take a voiceover class and attended a networking event for voice actors. Now I’m working on applications to agencies and getting the apartment furnished. So much to do…and BUY! I can’t even count how many trips I’ve taken to Target and the grocery store so far.

Looking forward to this new adventure…stay tuned!


Feels like the first time

Sometimes, I look back at things I've done in the past, and I can connect the dots. I can see that doing that reading for so-and-so led to getting cast in this project over here, and then that thing, and then this other. I can see how something seemingly insignificant, saying yes to a particular opportunity that didn't seem especially mind-blowing, has taken me down a particular path and changed my life greatly. 

Right now, the past week at VO Atlanta...all these facts, all these new pieces of information, all of these events, and all of these wonderful people I met...are just pinpoints of light on an inky black sky. They are just stars waiting for the constellation to be drawn in. And it's going to take a while before I can look back to see what the picture is. 

Whatever it is, I have a feeling it's going to be beautiful. 

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